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All-State Basketball Training 

07/01/2014 $

All-State Basketball will be conducting individual basketball training from Monday-Thursday. Please see the schedule below for days, times and venues. Come and work on your game to get ready for your winter season. Our individual instruction consists of drills learned from high school, college and professional coaches. Don't miss the chance to improve your game and get specialized attention from our instructors.

• Ball Handling
• Passing
• Shooting
• Screens
• Resistance Training
• Conditioning


New Brunswick Middle School
Monday and Wednesday
6:30 pm, 7:30 pm

Boys and Girls all ages are welcomed.


Basketball Training Descriptions

Ball Handling

Ball handling is the most essential element to being a good basketball player. Ball handling is the only skill that if a player masters, he or she could still become a great player without mastering the other skills. This class will teach essential off the dribble moves. Ball handling drills, while also teaching the proper footwork and angles that are a must when driving the ball to the basket. The skill must be learned by all players at every position regardless of height.


This is a skill that if developed can make any player a deadly scoring option. Shooting doesn’t have anything to do with athletic ability, but more technique and fundamentals. We will teach the basic fundamental shooting form learned by all the pros to help take each kid to the next level. We will focus on proper shooting motion, keeping the elbow at the target, fingertip control, balance, squaring the shoulders, proper release, proper arc and most importantly the follow through.

Shooting off the dribble

This class will focus on combining skills from the first two sessions. Some players can handle the ball, others can really shoot, but combining the two is something that many young players struggle with. We will focus on the proper footwork going in both directions, balance the body, and using the proper touch with shots in the paint. We will also focus on full speed pull-up jumpers and floater shots in the lane.

Using Screens

Players are never too young or too old to learn how to use screens. Using screens is a key element for players to be able to get open and use their other skills. This class will focus all the different ways to use a screen including pop-outs, curls, fades etc. After taking this class each player will understand the fundamentals on how to read a screen enabling themselves to get better shots at the basket.

Triple Threat Position

For any defender this is the most dangerous position that their offensive opponent can be in. Players will be taught how to use the triple threat position and all the options that come with it. We will focus on jab steps, foot fakes, shot fakes, etc. Players will learn not to waste their dribbles and to use the triple threat position to their advantage keeping their defenders guessing and off-balance.

Combo Day

This will be the final class in our six-week session. We will combine all the skills learned from each session using drills from the different weeks. We will be looking to see how much each player has retained from our sessions and looking to evaluate each player.

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